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The BNG Screening Tool enables you to instantly and cost-effectively assess the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) constraints on any site in England

Created and developed by Biodiversify

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Quickly understand the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) implications of a site development

Reduce risk and save time by understanding the BNG requirements of your site

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Estimate habitat occurence, distinctiveness and BNG units with no data input

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The BNG Screening Tool uses nationally available datasets to instantly calculate the likely BNG implications of potential development sites anywhere in England. This tool will revolutionise how biodiversity is considered by removing data barriers and allowing developers to understand the potential impacts early in their
decision-making process.

This tool...

Puts nature at the forefront of development decision making

Helps facilitate the avoidance of development on habitats of high value to nature

Allows users, regardless of skill or prior knowledge to rapidly understand the biodiversity net gain implications of potential developments

Helps minimise the risk of potentially costly unexpected biodiversity impacts

  • An overview of your site

  • The extent, distinctiveness and likely condition of habitats within the site including area and linear habitats (e.g. wetlands, rivers)

  • The BNG units associated with each habitat and total BNG units of the site

  • Any designated sites that the site is located within

  • Any peat or ancient woodland habitat within the site

By running the tool for your site, you will receive a time stamped report within minutes which provides you with;

What this tool gives you:

After running an analysis on your site, you will be emailed a report containing summary tables & plots, including habitats, designated sites and the biodiversity units of each development site. Your data will also be sent to you in CSV format to allow for quick comparison.

Who is this tool for?



This tool allows you to avoid important habitats for biodiversity, and to reduce risk by knowing early on how BNG might impact, for instance, viability or the length of time it might take to secure planning permission.


Local Planning


During the site allocation process, this tool could provide a rapid, early indication of BNG implications across multiple sites and search areas. This could help the LPA avoid important areas for biodiversity and gain early insight into how BNG might impact housing delivery and viability in different locations.

Planning or Ecological Consultants

This tool brings together and synthesises the data needed to conduct rapid desk-based reviews for clients wanting an early indication of the BNG implication for a site or a range of sites. 


Solicitors or agents carrying out

land searches

This tool can provide useful information on the presence of designated sites for nature, and habitat information, for anyone carrying out a

land search.


How the tool works

Download our 'How the BNG Screening Tool Works' infographic to learn more about the process behind this service.  

​"Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an approach to development, land and marine management that leaves biodiversity in a measurably better state than before the development took place"

- Natural England.​

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The Biodiversity Net Gain Screening Tool has been developed by Biodiversify, who are proud members of these organisations

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